Step back in time with a visit to the picturesque countryside of the celebrated Romantic Road in Bavaria. Drive along panoramic byways to see fairytale castles, medieval towns with ancient fortifications and plenty of quaint shops. Pick up your rental car in either Frankfurt or Munich, and finish in Munich or Frankfurt.

Italy - Amalfi Coast

Enjoy two of our most popular destinations – Rome, the Eternal City, and your choice of destinations on the romantic and picturesque Amalfi Coast in this 6-night package featuring a private tour of the ruins of Pompeii. Select your hotel in your choice of historic Amalfi, lemon-scented Sorrento, pedestrian-only Positano or charming Ravello along the

Amalfi Coast.                                                    

Italy - Rome Florence Venice

This is the classic “Grand Tour” of Italy with visits of Rome, the Eternal City, Florence, the grand city of the Renaissance, and Venice, famed for its canals and the Piazza San Marco. Better still, these three cities feature some of our favorite hotels, sightseeing and fine dining. Best of all, with this tour you have plenty of free time to explore, shop or relax without feeling rushed.                   

Italy - Sicily

Perhaps you remember this quote from the movie, Patton: “Sicily is the most invaded island in all the world.” This makes Sicily truly a crossroads of the Mediterranean, with each invading civilization ~ Roman, Vandal, Byzantine, Moor, Hohenstaufen, Catalan and Spanish ~ leaving a distinctive mark for you to experience, each with its own splendor.

Northern Ireland

Explore this ancient Celtic Culture as you go! Start in the vibrant city of Dublin where you'll enjoy dinner at the oldest pub in town before picking up your car in and driving to Belfast, one of the most exciting destinations in Europe. From there it’s across the North past the Giant’s Causeway to the walled city of Derry, on to Sligo from where over 30,000 Irish emigrated to the U.S., before spending your final night at Dromoland Castle, one of Ireland’s premier castle hotels.        

Southern Ireland

Explore Ireland at your own pace, stopping to experience and enjoy this ancient Celtic Culture as you go! Start in the vibrant capital city of Dublin where you'll enjoy dinner at the oldest pub in town. Discover Ireland’s sunny southeast in the crystal city of Waterford. Then marvel at the spectacular scenery along the Ring of Kerry, an easy day-trip from your base in Killarney.

Spain & Portugal

Spain is an intriguing country of unique cultures and distinct flavors. From Bilbao to Mallorca, discover a wide range of art, culture and cuisine that celebrates each individual region. Charming Portugal is a brilliant collection of romantic seascapes, diverse cultures and modern interpretations of rustic cuisine. Venture into the countryside where you can stroll through wonderful villages and medieval castles for a true taste of the Old World.

France - Paris & Avignon

Imagine three delicious nights in Paris, the City of Lights, then experience

the beauty and history of Provence in the storied South of France, long a popular destination for sophisticated travelers world-wide.

France - Paris & Nice

Combine the sophistication and glamour of Paris with the beauty of the

legendary French Riviera (anyone for rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous?) then throw in travel from Paris to Nice on a modern, high-speed French TGV train, and you have the perfect week in. . . well, if not paradise, something very close to it.

Prague, Vienna and Budapest

Enjoy three nights in each city taking in the sights and sounds of the former Austro- Hungarian Empire. Prague gives you a glimpse into Europe’s history as you stroll along the Vltava River. Vienna offers a beautiful range of palaces, churches and royal residences. Budapest is home to the Parliament, the largest Gothic structure in Europe.

London, York and Edinburgh

Marvel at the architecture and experience the history of Britain in these inspiring cities. See sights such as Westminster Abbey, the York Minster and Edinburgh Castle, all at your own pace.

Switzerland-Golden Pass Tour

One of the brightest stars in Switzerland’s rail network, the GoldenPass line stretches nearly 150 miles from Lucerne to Lake Geneva. Travelers enjoy unforgettable views of so many of Switzerland’s highlights as they relax aboard panoramic trains on a route that includes the first scenic train route in the world between Montreux and Zweismmen.