Honeymoon Planning Tips

Congratulations!  You’re engaged!  Now you have some work ahead of you…. A lot of time and energy will be spent interviewing photographers, going to listen to bands and djs, choosing a florist and THEN the actual flowers, scouting possible wedding venues, not to mention the seating arrangements! (UGH! Aunt Mary can’t be seated anywhere NEAR Aunt Rose).

Researching your honeymoon averages 20-30 hours spent on the Internet.  Even if you are sure of the exact destination and the exact resort, there are countless websites telling you what you MUST see, where you MUST eat, what excursions are the BEST.  Obviously, they can’t ALL be the BEST and MUST do.

Whether you choose Dreams Come True Honeymoons and Vacations, or you decide to brave it on your own, we have put together some planning tips to share with you.  We hope you find it helpful!


•    Start planning early.  Most wedding guides suggest 6-9 months in advance.  Generally, that is fine, however, why wait?  Some of the most popular room’s at the most popular resorts fill up a year in advance, and in today’s economy, airlines tends to raise, not drop them.  There are some “last minute deals” out there, but is waiting for the possibility of one worth the risk of being unable to stay where you REALLY want or OVER paying for airfare because you waited too long.

•    Think about what the two of you enjoy doing.  Both as a couple and as individuals.  Of course you will want to enjoy experiences together, but it also ok for one of you to golf while the other gets a massage or one of you to take a scuba class while the other does a wine tasting.  After all, you have the rest of your lives together…

•    Food. Some people are happy with meat and potatoes while others consider themselves gourmet.  Some are adventurous eaters and will try local and exotic cuisine, while others like to stick with what they know.  Some couples are a combination of different dining styles.  Be sure the resort /area you choose has plenty of dining options that appeal to you both.

•    Beverage.  If you enjoy your cocktails, there are a few things you should know…  While cruising is a wonderful way to travel, and meals are included, beverages are not included.  Your alcohol bill can come as quite of a shock at the end of your trip.  If you are staying at an all-inclusive, beverages/alcohol are included, but what kind?  What brands?  A palette used to top shelf liquor is not going to be pleased with brand X vodka, as a wine enthusiast will be unhappy if their choices are simply “red or white”.

•    Try something new!  Experience something that both of you have never done before… be it a cuisine, class, excursion or a spa treatment.


•     Just looking at the pictures.  We have all seen those fast food commercials with the perfect mouthwatering burger; crisp lettuce, fluffy bun, right?  But when you unwrap that burger, you have a smushed burger bun and wilted lettuce.  The same thing can be true of online photos and reviews.  When was that picture taken?  When was the last time that resort was renovated?  Is the room in the picture the same room category that you are booking?  Caveat emptor (Let the buyer beware).

•    Make a decision based on price alone.  We all want the most bang for our buck and or course you have a honeymoon budget in mind, but even paying $100 for a trip is too much if it’s enjoyable.   Why is the price so low?  What is the weather at the time you are traveling?  Are food and beverages included?  Do you have to sit thru a day long sales presentation?

•    Lose perspective.  Yes, your wedding is the most important day of your life!  But remember that it is one day… more specifically one six hour party.  We spend a year or more generally planning our wedding day.  Agonizing over flower arrangements and linens.  Searching for a dress that will compliment all our bridesmaids.  Your honeymoon will likely be 7 days or more and those memories will last forever.  Sadly, the same can’t be said for the centerpieces.  Give your honeymoon the same consideration and budget.

•    Take someone else’s honeymoon.  Where your best friend went on her honeymoon last year, where your co worker visited and raved about, where your parents celebrated their nuptials 20+ years ago.  Not everyone has the same standards or expectations.  Not every destination looks the way it did 20 years ago or even one year ago.  Don’t settle or be pressured into a destination or resort that really isn’t you.  

•    Decline travel insurance.  Your honeymoon is an investment.  You are planning it a year to six months in advance.   Life throws so many curve balls, it is a small price to pay to protect your investment.  Should you sustain any medical issues while traveling, your medical insurance will more than likely NOT cover your expenses when you are

outside of the United States.

•    Book you airfare without understanding the flight times.  Time zones, connections and layovers need to be considered.  If you have a 7 day honeymoon but will lose a day traveling in each direction, you now have a 5 day honeymoon.